in Thessaloniki is mainly active in the domain of asphalt works and is a contractor-construction company with a rich experience in the domain, that “counts” since 1968. Being based in Thessaloniki, it has been established, in its present form, in 2007 by Mr. Koumiotis Georgios and Mr. Koumiotis Moschos, experienced Contractors of Public Works.

Today, DROMON TECHNICAL-CONSTRUCTION S.A. is a renowned company which is active in the sector of construction of public works and private projects as well as of production – trade of asphalt concrete. Being principally specialized in Roadworks, Hydraulic Projects, Port Development Works, Construction Projects, Industrial/Energy Projects and being staffed by competent engineers, foremen, operators and craftsmen, the company undertakes the construction of any type of public works and private projects with absolute success


Thanks to its strong and substantial presence in the sector, its excellent knowledge and understanding of its business scope, as well as the continuous expansion of its activities, the company presents a rapid growth over the last years and has the ambition to be ranked soon among the largest and most renowned companies in the sector.


The company’s goal is to:

Make every possible effort, so that the provided products and services fully satisfy the requirements of its customers.

Meet the requirements and expectations of its customers offering high quality products at competitive prices, achieving the desired delivery times and maintaining its reliability.

Ensure a successful course in the Greek market, increasing its share both in the domestic market and in the market of the Balkans.

Continuously review and improve the services it offers and to choose high quality products, in order to meet, at the highest possible degree, the needs of its customers.

Faithfully implement the Quality Management System and to make every possible effort in order to continuously improve its effectiveness.

Develop its already accomplished and successful course based on international standards, being a worthy competitor of the large economic entities in the sector, investing in projects and infrastructures which will have a long-term lifetime, which will lead to the maintaining of stability