The company is active in the sector of construction of public works and private projects as well as of production and trade of asphalt concrete.

ΔιαμόρφωσηΚόμβουΕισόδου ΕξόδουΝ.Κααλλικράτειας
Public Works

In the years the company is active, since it began its operation until today, it has implemented a large number of works (roadworks, sewerage works, hydraulic works, etc.) as contractor or as subcontractor, obtaining a continuously increasing share in the overall conduction of works in the Prefecture of Thessaloniki and in the neighboring Prefectures.

Project of “Bank of Greece S.A.” in its private premises in the area of Thermi
Private Projects

The company undertakes the construction of private projects that regard the landscaping of surrounding areas (paving– asphalt works), given the fact that it has the expertise and the equipment in order to achieve an excellent result.

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Integrated Project Management

With the experience the company has acquired in the management of constructions and with its highly trained staff, it is able to offer integrated project management services with a guarantee and with detailed progress reports during the construction of a project.

Project Management Services:

Identifying customer needs

Coordination of the design-planning team

Preparation of the timetable

Preparation of tender documents

Coordination of works between the construction department of the project and the design-planning team

Daily supervision of the project and simultaneous resolving of worksite issues and needs of the project (supply of materials, etc.)

Regular reporting of the construction progress / compliance with the timetable

Production & Trade of Asphalt Concrete

In 2015, the company invested in a new, state-of-the-art, high capacity and environmentally friendly asphalt concrete production plant. At the plant are produced all categories of asphalt concrete, as well as recycled and modified asphalt mixtures.